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Switchgear Equipment

On our website, you will find the most advanced switchgear equipment. The range of products and pricing will also pleasantly surprise you.

But what is electrical equipment, low-voltage equipment, and switchgear equipment?

Electrical equipment is what provides electricity in homes. It includes a huge number of machines, devices, and mechanisms used for generating and transforming energy. On a smaller scale, it can be found in every home, such as switches, fuses, and transformers.

Low-voltage equipment is the technology that operates at low levels of current (less than 1000 V). In households, it includes outlets, distribution boards, and meters.

Switchgear equipment refers to electric devices interconnected in a specific way and housed in protective enclosures. Such equipment occasionally malfunctions and requires replacement. This is where our website can help you find the necessary low-voltage switchgear equipment.

Our range of switchgear equipment includes:

  • Disconnect switches - they perform the function of connecting, disconnecting, and switching electrical circuits. They have manual controls - switches, disconnectors VR32.
  • Fuses - they protect against overload and short circuits. They can be classified as open, enclosed, or fillable (depending on the type of fuse holder). The main component of a fuse is the fuse link, which can be made of different materials such as copper, aluminum, zinc, silver, and lead. There are also liquid-metal fuses (using metal in liquid form) and time-delay fuses (having two fuse links of different designs and cross-sections).
  • Circuit breakers - they are designed to switch on and off specific sections of an electrical circuit, disconnecting the part experiencing current overload due to simultaneous operation of multiple electrical appliances, or in case of a short circuit. There are three types: air circuit breakers (mainly used in industrial plants with high currents), molded-case circuit breakers (used for a wide range of currents), and modular circuit breakers (used in households, homes, and apartments). We offer more than 10 varieties of circuit breakers.
  • Magnetic starters - low-voltage devices used for starting and accelerating electric motors to the desired speed and for protecting circuits against overloads. We offer around ten models in various price ranges.
  • Current transformers - designed to reduce current to a specific value. On our website, you will find over 10 models of CTs with a 0.5 accuracy class.
  • Frequency converters (ATV) - our assortment includes over 20 models of this product.

How to order switchgear equipment

You can order switchgear equipment on our website or by calling the provided phone number. We accept non-cash payments. Delivery service is available (charges may apply depending on the order amount). Delivery to regions within Russia is carried out by transportation companies and is paid by the customer. In addition to the aforementioned products in the switchgear equipment category, we also offer plastic enclosures, relays, and electronic meters.

By ordering from us, you acquire a truly high-quality product that will serve you reliably for a long time without any malfunctions or repairs.